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Our top priority is the health of our patients, providers, staff and community. TELEVISITS ARE NOW AVAILABLE AS AN OPTION FOR APPOINTMENTS. LEARN MORE, AND GET THE LATEST COVID-19 UPDATES.

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Personalized, Comprehensive And Compassionate Care

Advocare Mehta Pediatrics is a family-oriented practice where our patients’ well-being is top priority. We spend as much time as necessary to treat our patients and educate parents. Our patients receive continuity of care that is personalized, comprehensive and compassionate. Dr. Mehta is a board-certified pediatrician and has been practicing Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine in Central New Jersey for more than 27 years. Our warm and friendly staff strives to create a comforting and welcoming environment to soothe anxious children or parents. We speak English, Spanish, Hindi and Gujarati.

Our practice provides well check-ups and vaccinations, including travel vaccinations, and same day sick visits from birth to patients up to 21 years. We specialize in Developmental Pediatrics (ADHD, behavioral issues, etc), obesity and weight management, nutrition, exercise and fitness. If ear-piercing is requested, it is performed by the doctor.

We enjoy visits from expecting parents and are happy to answer their questions and concerns about the do’s and don’ts of a baby’s first few years regardless of whether you join our practice.

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